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Setting up DOSBox!

This is how my DOSBox installation works!

Here is what you'll need :

- DOSBox-Staging (0.76.0 is preferred)
- Text editor (Notepad, Notepad++ etc)
- Nortan Commander (Optional)
- Installed copies of your DOS games obviously!

STEP 1 - Download & Extraction

First off you need to create a folder. It can be any name or anywhere (It can be your C drive, your desktop, other hard drives, etc) but this will be the folder we'll be putting DOSBox-Staging at.

Afterwards, Download DOSBox-Staging and extract it to your new folder.

STEP 2 - Configuration

After you have DOSBox-Staging extracted, run "dosbox.exe" and when it sends you to the "DOS prompt", type in the following :

config -wcp

This will create the file "dosbox.conf" that will be needed for editing in this tutorial.

Now create a new folder named (without quotes) "drivec" and then open up dosbox.conf in Notepad (or other text editor)

Now scroll all the way down to to the bottom where you see [autoexec] and type the following :

mount c drivec

Now save the file and you should be all set. Now you'll need to throw in your installed DOS games (It can be the GOG games too) in the drivec folder and run them that way!

Example :

cd DOOM2